Ten Years

Ten years ago tonight, I wrapped my glass meth pipe in a towel, smashed it with a hammer,threw it in the trash, flushed what shards were left in the bindle down the toilet and began to live a life without crystal meth.

There were tough times at the beginning. The lessons that tested my clean time and my recovery were ones that I could never have imagined. But as the days pased into weeks, the weeks into months, day by day…it became easier.

What I have learned, what changes I have made and what ground I have gained is beyond amazement. And there is still room to grow.

NA’s only promise is that if we work a program of recovery, the obsession to use drugs will be lifted. I have found this to be true. I know if I continue to seek some sort of spirituality, this obsession will continue to be lifted.

Although at times I still feel as if I am a stranger in a strange land, I at least feel comfortable in my own skin with this awkwardness.


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