Saturday May 17, 2014, I saw Sixto Rodriquez perform at the State Theatre in Minneapolis. I was introduced to Rodriquez’s music like most people have been in the last two years, through the Academy Award winning 2012 documentary “Searching for Sugarman” The story is just incredible and I encourage all to see this movie.

Rodriquez certainly looked frail as he was lead onto the stage, but once he began to play his guitar and sing, the 71 year old sounded on top of his game. His “picking” style was one I had never seen before. It was a combination of single finger strumming and multiple finger-plucking that gave the guitar a 12 string sound. His voice was as velvety smooth as it sounded on his 1970 release Cold Fact.

A self-described “political-musical activist” his songs all carried some message of inspiration, political observation or life lesson.

Occasionally between songs he would deliver some quick simple philosophy.

After the song about a drug-dealer “Searching for Sugarman” he quipped “This is a song about description, not prescription. Get your hugs and stay off drugs” I let out a loud WOOOO! Still, I wonder what was those three cups he nursed throughout the show, placing one into the other as he finished it.

It was such an incredible experience to see him perform and to feel the power of his presence.

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