Return to the scene of the Crime(s)

I am back in Palm Springs CA taking a break from my corporate existence in Minneapolis, where currently it is 20 degrees with a winter storm dumping 4-6 inches of new snow.

21 years ago, I was being released from Riverside County, Palm Springs Jail after being arrested for my first DUI.

It is always somewhat surreal to return to this city and this valley, for it holds a magnitude of my history, both good and bad.

I was told when I first moved here in 1990, that this valley is “a vortex and it could either lift you up or take you down.” It did a little of both, but at the time my energy was one of self-destruction, the latter was more significant.

The first couple times I returned here in the late 1990’s, I was getting high by the time I left the airport, which from the terminal out onto the street leaving the airport is maybe 150 yards.

I clearly remember the first time I was here and stayed clean, the energy was over-whelming! And to this day, it is that energy of being drug-free here, that positive side of the energy vortex, that fills me with such gratitude and clarity. It is this energy that keeps me returning here for an ongoing spiritual renewal.

There is some sort of “magic” that is unique to this geographic location. I have always felt it; it just has taken on a different intensity as time goes on.

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