59th Trip around the Sun

Yesterday marked my 59th birthday, which means (gasps!) the start of my 60th year of life on the planet. With a lot of those years spent in careless disregard and others battling darkness, it is a miracle I am still alive.

Much has unfolded in the last year, and some things remain the same. With what has unfolded in the last year, I never could have imagined.  I know most of it I have set into motion; I just never imagined the current outcome.

A year ago I was employed part time as a dishwasher at a popular local restaurant, barely eeking out a living. I was gifted enrollment in “leadership seminar” that was touted to change my life.  And it did, by reaffirming the traits I have that I need to feel comfortable with and those traits that I have that need to be diminished or eradicated.

I quit the dishwashing job to take another job that only lasted two and a half days, to be rehired by the restaurant as the owner’s personal assistant.  What a roller coaster that month was!  The experience reaffirmed that the Universe has a greater plan than I could ever imagine! And all I need to work on is self-awareness, enlightenment and change.

I was diagnosed with a break through case of COVID-19 that wrecked havoc on my psyche: Will I survive? Is this it? Would I be dead in 40 days? I dealt with the stress and uncertainty by riding my bike. Logged 226 miles that week.

The love, abundance, generosity, and kindness that flow around me now is incredible! As the blessings of these gifts come to me, I am in turn able to share them with others. Keep the energy flowing.

As odd as it may sound, I am the most comfortable within my skin as I have ever been!  Life IS GOOD!

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One thought on “59th Trip around the Sun

  1. Dana Quinn

    Joe – I miss you, I hope you’re doing well. I think about you often and all the good times we had in the kitchen at Faegre. Facebook me sometime!! I’d love to catch up to see how you’re doing; I move to Wisconsin and I am a homeowner and commuting downtown as well. 🙂

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