Five Years a Californian

Today marks five years since I arrived in the Coachella Valley to start a new chapter of my life as a Californian. Maybe it’s age, but it seems longer and yet not that much of a time span.

Much has occurred in the five years. Solid friendships formed, other friendships lost, death, destruction, mayhem, enlightenment, fulfillment and accomplishment. I have made some unwise investments of my time, energy and money; yet have reaped some return with the last two.

I am about to embark on a new career path, one that I never really considered before, but will utilize my multifaceted skill set, talents and abilities. I have been hired by a local theatre group as a stage manager, overseeing productions on the five stages that make up the complex. There will be much to learn, new skills to hone, but most importantly, stepping into a management/leadership role I have desired for quite some time.

The interview process was fast and furious, yet it seemed to flow seamlessly. Meeting with various directors of the Board, and then all of them at once, I just rolled through the process. It was somewhat trippy to hear the praise and accolades based on my resume and my presence during the interviews.

I am very excited with this opportunity and confidant as I walk into the unknown. 

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