Life in Four Crates


Over the course of the last two weeks, all that I own was either given away, sold, thrown out or put into storage. Into these four crates I placed what will be needed for “existence” during the next few months as I travel about the American Southwest. The four crates, placed side by side, front to back are the base of my bed in my Honda Element. More on that later.

In all honesty, I didn’t realize the extent of energy I would expend going through everything and letting go of it all, one way or another. It was taxing, emotionally draining and resulted in me assessing everything in my life. Going forward, I will try to keep ahead of this task. It’s seems so unnecessary to be so invested in “stuff” whether it is the tangible or emotional.

I certainly don’t feel any lighter…


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One thought on “Life in Four Crates

  1. Daryl James

    I can relate. I have set about a similar task of msc impedimenta collected over my long life span.
    Pictures, clothing, all a part of my existence, need to be culled and carted out the door. Just going through hundreds of pictures is a difficult task that is both fun but also depressing. Many of my friends from by gone days, smile back, even thought they passed on to another dimension eons ago.

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