New Lenses and Country Music

Last night I was granted clearance to photograph Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean at Xcel Center in St. Paul MN. I am not really a country music fan, but I am still shooting under the moniker of TownSquare Media, so I requested to be in the house for them.
This was my first shoot since my ankle injury 16 weeks ago.

With three days left in 2013, I was fortunate to be presented with an opportunity to purchase a variety of Nikon lenses which will facilitate me going after more gigs, for now I have the confidence of equipment ownership. It’s makes having to rent lenses no longer a need.

Even though I have used these lenses before, it was rather fun to go to the new equipment case and look over eight different lenses and decide “What I should shoot with tonight”

Since I knew I would be shooting from the sound board, I choose the 70-200mm f2.8 with a 2x convertor and the 24-70mm f2.8.

It was a difficult shoot. Florida Georgia Line used alot of intense back lighting, which looked good from a distance, but was a bitch to shoot up close. I had a photographer on each side of me from major publications and one was yelling the obscenities I was thinking.

I was able to create, but it was a challenge.


GFL-DSC_2190-1.17.14 GFL-DSC_2193-1.17.14


The full set can be view here: 

Jason Aldean’s lighting was alittle more conducive to shooting, but he was still yards away, it’s difficult to get in close.

Jason Aldean-DSC_0106-1.17.14 Jason Aldean-DSC_0078-1.17.14

Jason Aldean-DSC_2285-1.17.14 Jason Aldean-DSC_2367-1.17.14 Jason Aldean-DSC_2374-1.17.14

Jason Aldean-DSC_2385-1.17.14

I am excited by the prospect of having these lenses. They will give me far more accessibility to create even more imagery than I was capable of in the past, and with the events that are on my calendar, it will be an exciting prospect at that.

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2 thoughts on “New Lenses and Country Music

  1. Sienna Hokulani Porter

    You take lovey photos doll

  2. Allan

    Jason Aldean is one of my favorite artists. If things go as expected, I’ll try to attend his concert in Atlanta that will appear May 17th. He’s really so amazing artist!

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