Gradual Return

Fifteen weeks since the ankle break, 14.5 weeks since the surgery to repair the break, and I am back full-time in my employment role starting today.

I met with the surgeon last week and she is still amazed at my progress.  I have been experiencing some discomfort on the inside of my ankle opposite where the pins and plate were placed to repair the break.  When I described my concern to her, she indicated that it was a stressed Posterior Tibial Tendon, which is common with runners from over activity. She said: “Dude! When most of my patients are just starting to walk with out crutch or cane assistance at 14 weeks post surgery, you are suffering a runner’s injury. Dial it back a little”

Can you image?!? An addict in recovery obsessing?  So I am trying to take it easy.

It is great to be back at the gym and working out. I am just starting with what was once my normal routine, yet still not at the level I once was. I am exercising my right leg more than the left as I rebuild the muscle that has atrophied. But it is returning, gradually. Exercise and movement are my anti-depressants, and its no wonder I was riding through a rough for the eight weeks post surgery, as I was immobile for the first stage of the healing.

Since there is a risk, there is no winter biking riding, nor will there be until spring….unless I travel to a warm climate for a bike ride.

Which brings me to my lack of writing.  Consumed with a certain darkness, I just didn’t feel complied to write.

A page turns, a calendar flips and it’s all about renewal. Ya. Ok. whatever.  I’m not one for resolutions.

There are things on the horizon that have me excited. And I will keep my momentum going forward with hope that these events will come into fruition.



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