Things that go bump in the night.

This morning, early, I was awoken by the voice of my dead friend, saying very clearly, in his  distinct tone and accent: “JOEY!” It startled me so that I sat right up and said “Freddie?” It wasn’t a dream..I can tell those. It was, without any doubt, his voice.

I can’t say these sort of things happen regularly or even occasionally. But they do happen with frequence.

I just can’t always tell who they are. More than I few times I have been brought firmly out of sleep by someone declaring my name.

And then there is the bed thumper. I get brought out of sleep by something or whatever thumping with a solid JOLT to my bed.  And when I look at the clock it is 3:19 am, everytime. So it’s 3:19…what? I was born on 3/19. whatever.

When I lived in Southern California, I endured three early morning earthquakes in the 7 years there. It was kind like that. I was awoken by what felt like something hitting the bed, I would wake up and then everything would start shaking.

These things don’t really bother me all that much, it would just be nice that after they call me awake, the would say something else.

No, seriously I am still clean and sober and sleeping quite soundly. That is until I hear my name called.

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