Baby, you can drive my car.

Had a rental car for the last few days. Seems strange. Running about town hither and yon, focused, yet it seemed, mostly without direction.

Being a Minneapolitan and dwelling within the Downtown Corridor, owning a vehicle is rather impractical, to me, so I opt to ride a bicycle.

What was most odd scurrying around downtown in a metal box on four wheels instead of sitting atop two, was separating my biking mind from my driving mind. It seemed foolish to wait for red lights to change, yet I did. On a bike I stop and if no traffic, proceed thru.

Parking is ridiculous. Having to drive around looking for an available spot as opposed to just locking up to the nearest pole closest to what ever establishment I want to enter.

The most difficult was fighting the urge to jump curbs and rip thru parks or open spaces. This one caused me the most concern…and I had to pay attention not to give in.

Having an endless stream of music playing on a radio was enjoyable, as opposed to just singing out to the endless stream playing in my head.

Streets vs. Bikelanes. I still think bikelanes are quicker….as are the alley short cuts.

Highways, four wheels win. As does the purchasing power with a trunk and back seat. Not to mention for getting the old goods out of the abode to the various charitable locations.

Back out on two wheels tonight riding, huffing and puffing, I feel as if I lost something in the last few days of being a lazy boy sitting on my ass hardly moving any muscle groups.

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