June 2012

It has been a while since I have posted any thing here. So I will give the month a review.

June started out with gaining access to photograph President Obama’s arrival in Minneapolis at MSP International on the first. This as a significant event for me on a number of levels. That I was granted White House clearance to be part of the White House Press Pool was probably greater than photographing the man himself, but that, too is fairly significant.

 Images here:


 On June 3rd, I was at the Xcel Energy Center to photograph Roger Waters perform The Wall-LIVE. This wasn’t really my best work. I feel I choked some and didn’t get the quality images I am capable of; but I still managed to get a few good ones.

 Images here:


 I photographed the Minnesota Lynx five times this month, 4 games and one Season Ticket Holder event. I am becoming recognizable with the team. At the Ticket Season Holder event, I got a chance to talk with Simone Augustus and gave her my card.

 Images can be viewed here:





 I photographed the Minnesota Twins hosting the Chicago White Sox at Target Field. This was the first event where I used a fixed 400mm 2.8f lens. It was massive. It actually brought me in too close for some shots, so I had to move farther away from Home Plate to get a good batting shoot.

 Images here:


 I passed on photographing the Minneapolis/St. Paul Pride events…and avoided the whole event all together.  Sometimes, with Pride I am ‘YAY! These are MY PEOPLE” and at other times  “THESE are my people!?!?!?”  This year it was the latter.

 My Flickr is getting a lot of attention world-wide and I have been approached by a promoter of John Paltatinus European Tour who are seeking to use my imagery that I shot during the opening of his US West Coast show in Palm Springs last Nov.

 The Mojave Land Trust used my Joshua Tree “Midnight Moonlight” image again.

 The New D90 is unlike the old one, which is still in the shop awaiting a part that will arrive supposedly 7/3. It produces the same results, but play back features are different. So the consistency isn’t as I had hoped.

My friend, mentor and old employer, Cy Breen passed away last week, 4 months into his 100th year. I posted about him last February when I was in Palm Springs, CA. What a life he led. I was fortunate to have him in my life for those brief couple of years. He was more a father to me than my own father was. He taught me much and I felt a love for him.

The corporate world— my day job is driving me insane…or I am allowing it to drive me insane. I must practice Zen and the Art of Corporate Existence in the 9-5. But I clearly admit, I create my own struggle. I really have to learn to just let go.




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