Exiting Corporateland and the Golden Tower of Employment

For the last 12 years I have been employed as support staff for a large international law firm. That has come to a close and my last day of work was yesterday. I have always referred to it as Corporateland on social media, so as to maintain a certain degree of anonymity. The building that houses the firm is the third tallest building in Minneapolis and has a yellow facade, that when illuminated at night has a golden tone to it, which is why I call it: The Golden Tower of Employment.

Golden Tower

When I started working for them 12 years ago, I was just  28 days clean off of crystal meth after a 18 month relapse after my second stint in rehab. I was not a happy man at that time. I had trouble looking people in the eye, was not very talkative and had a 2 pack a day Marlboro habit. Making it through the interview process and getting the job was a break I needed at the time and it certainly was a gift.

My employment history up to this time was rocky through my drug and drinking days. I would keep a job for a couple of years at most or stay just a few months or days. My shortest duration of employment lasted 90 minutes.  I seemed to have a knack for getting hired by a company that was either launching or about to go under. I would either help get the place running or would keep it a float for a while before it closed. In the later years of addiction, I was running into some sort of legal situation as I exited the company or there were the legal proceedings my life seemed to be entangled in. I always seemed to worm my way out of all the legal situations I found myself in.

When I told my mother I had landed a job in the mailroom of a law firm, her first question to me was: “How long have they been in business?” When I told her since 1886, she replied with an sigh of relief and said ” Oh thank god! This one might last! ”  She then began to lecture me saying “Don’t think you can be pulling any of that Cracker Jack junior lawyer crap you seem to think you’ve mastered in the last few years!!! You won’t be able to go head to head with these folks and win. It’s time to turn your life around and get serious!”  I agreed with her on all points.

My life has changed dramatically since I have worked with this firm and it has been a big part in my recovery from narcotics and in giving me solid ground to stand on.

It has been somewhat difficult for me as I leave, for it has been a month of good byes. It is all so strange to me. I am not used to the adoration and the well-wishes. Even as I am leaving, these folks have helped me to grow.



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