52nd Orbit ’round the Sun

Another trip around the sun logged in yesterday and I am grateful. Certainly in the last year there have been some set backs, some warbles, but for the most part it has been a good year.

On a two week jaunt in the Coachella Valley of Southern California, I started out the day with a hike in the San Bernadinio Mountains at the Whitewater Preserve. A front moved through the desert over night, bringing a light rain and early morning cloud cover, which illuminated the mountains. The him was a moderate 3.75 miles, with a elevation gain of 650 feet, which provided a nice view of the canyon that resulted in an expression of my creativity I have not felt since my road trip to the Florida Keys five months ago.

1.DSC_3232The Whitewater Canyon


The Whitewater River


The San Bernadino Mountains with Mt. San Jacinto in the background.

Back in Palm Springs later that afternoon, I went to Crystal Fantasy for both a “card reading” and a Reike session. Both were incredible. The reading was so amazing; before I even touched or shuffled the cards, the reader spoke of the things she saw with me and it was uncanny how someone had the ability to see into my life within just a few moments of meeting me.


Meeting with Joy, Seer and card reader.

The Reike session was just as powerful, but in a total different sense. I had a friend with me and she told me the Reike master was singing/ringing bowls around me at one point…I was so in a zone, I heard nothing. When the session was over I was so “woozy” I had trouble sitting up, could barely stand and had trouble walking the first few steps. Even a few minutes later my equilibrium was off and I almost fell over.


During the session with Reike Master Geta.

These two sessions brought me such clarity and enlightenment. Now to move forward with this insight as the next orbit begins its solar spin.

The rest of the evening was spent wandering VillageFest on Palm Canyon Drive, where I made my usual purchase of local Medjool dates and other local fare.

Then it was a dinner of sushi, which upon reflection realized I have had sushi as a birthday celebratory meal for at least the last four or five years.

The amount of birthday greetings and wishes I received from causal friends around the country and those close to me was over-whelming!  I am certainly fortunate to be surrounded by the people who are in my life.

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