My life is a beach, man.

All this negativity….of the ionic kind. I love it.

I rolled into Cocoa Beach Florida last night at sunset, five hours , 45 minutes after leaving Marathon. The drive out of the Keys is slightly monotonous, with the average speed limit of 45 m.p.h. The scenery makes it worth-while. Driving a slightly narrow two lane highway that was once a rail line, you snake along through mangrove,  over high bridges and roadway built up a few feet from the water line.

IMG_3886 IMG_3990

Driving Highway 1 in the Florida Keys.


Being next to and near large bodies of water, a body absorbs the negative ions that the water mass gives off;  which minimizes the positive ones the body has, creating an impressive amount of health benefits. A few of which are: increases the flow of oxygen to the brain, strengthens the body’s immune system, and reinforces collagen.

More can be referenced here:

For me, to walk barefoot in the sand at the waterline, swim, or gaze upon a sunrise or sunset is enough.  Add a opportunity for a boat ride or discovering a hidden beach, just magnifies the experience.




Three days, Sunrise in Marathon FL


Sunset in Key West


                                                                       Sunrise in Cocoa Beach, FL


                                                  Fishing the Atlantic off of Key Colony/Marathon FL


Coco Plum Beach


Coco Plum Beach


I have a few more days ocean side, before I begin the trek to return to the Northland.

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