Return to Integratron

I made another pilgrimage to Integratron in Landers CA.  This was my 8th or 9th time?  I am drawn to this place, it’s energy, it’s location, it’s geometry and it stewards. Nancy, Joanne and Dray-tron wrap me in their energy of peace, love and acceptance. In actuality, the reality is: they emulate my energy of peace, love and acceptance.  I rarely feel the intensity of my energy coming back at me and it is one of the greatest feelings. It is this ebb and flow of human energy, coupled with the vibe I feel between the portals of the SoundChamber as I meditate, chant or speak with intention that has me travelling the 1882 miles.

When recieving  a sound bath, laying on the floor as one of the above mentioned spirit guides sing the large quartz bowls causing a warbling vibration of sound, my mind’s eye opens and I travel thru space, color and time. I am lost to my presence there on the floor, yet at the same time feel my physical body expanding, aligning…balancing.

During earlier sound baths, my recovery time afterwards took longer. This time, I still needed some time to return into the physical plane of my being, but it was not long. Although I was conscience to being “back” in  my body, it took some time to move my limbs and get up off the floor.

With all the anomalies that occur when I am in this domed structure what excites or trips me out the most are the sounds, words, expressions that come out of me unrehearsed, unknown and completely foreign. Their only common denominator is their resonating sound, their tonality.

DSC_9755 The Sound Chamber at Integratron.

After spending a few hours here, I feel as if I have had an intense massage. I am drained,  tired, yet renewed, stronger, clearer and feel more of a presence, a connectedness.

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