Current Prognosis

Yesterday I met with the othro surgeon who applied a plate and six screws to repair my broken fibula six weeks ago.  My healing is advancing nicely and I was given the okie-dokie to start to walk on the foot. There will be no physical therapy..I am to just start to walk with the boot at first, then start wearing shoes and walk. Walking as my therapy. I couldn’t be happier!

Meeting with HR at the corporate existence, I have slated my return into that environment for 11/25. After spending some time visiting with some of my friends/coworkers, I walked to the bus stop to catch a bus home…and then, as is my usual mind set waiting for a bus, I though FUCK THIS and walked the 1.3 miles home. I haven’t done that in months and it was so enjoyable. I took a couple of images with the iPhone that turned out nicely. To be able to move my right leg in a full range of motion and to stand upright and walk without leaning fully on crutches was just the greatest feeling. Once home on the couch my leg muscles were sore, but it was the good workout sore feeling I love so.

So this morning, I put on shoes and gingerly walked out to my car to drive to the grocery store to purchase some much needed probiotics, amongst other things. Out on the street I saw one of my neighbors and she exclaimed ” You don’t have your boot on and you’re walking!!!” I smiled and said “yes, I was given the ok to walk and I am heading to the store.” ” Oh! A BIG DAY OUT for you ! ” I laughed,  Yep!!

Although my mind wants to walk all over town, I know I have to take this in small steps (HA!) and take it gradually, ease back into a life of just a average mobility. There is an excitement building inside that knows skating and biking will soon be activities that are my norm. 



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