Death Dates

I have never been one to acknowledge “death dates.” Such a silly thing, to me. Oh sure, I remember where I was, what I was doing when I heard the news. With some the memory is so vivid in the minds eye it can be relived in exact clarity. I always can remember the death dates…the significant ones.

I like to remember the birth days or the Earth Days; still more over, I like to remember the life. The good times, the fun, the triumph over tragedy… the stories. I have been fortunate to have the stories. For me, that is the wealth, the richness of a life. The stories of the experience, to tell and to share.

Mom has a saying “Don’t send me no flowers” meaning send no flowers to the funeral…honor the life as it is lived.

I’ve heard it, I’ve felt it and I’ll say this again and for always: Tell the ones you love them, that you do…it’s really all that we’ve got. Love to share…to accept, to give, to pass around and to grow.

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