72 Hours in Las Vegas….

I just spent three days n Las Vegas.  A combination of work, “research” and play.  The saying of “ What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” I’ll uphold but just add: unless it’s a piercing, a tattoo or an STD.

The work went well (that’s what I love about my photography…is it ever really “work”?)  Captured imagery for the Dublin company, created some portfolio submissions, did some portraiture and worked for a client that asked me out to Las Vegas to do some photography for them.

I was upgraded to a suite my first night at the Luxor and was only was in it maybe six hours, of which I slept three. I always operate on very little sleep when in Vegas… whether it’s the fresh oxygen pumped into the casinos or the energy of the area or both…who knows.

The rest of the time I was in a client provided suite at The Wynn, which was just amazing. Although the work the client needed wasn’t to the detail we had discussed, all was went well and they were pleased with what little photography I provided.

 The research was really just doing a recon on life, living and employment in Las Vegas. I “interviewed” a few people working the on the Strip and gained some good information.

The play, well it was Vegas, Baby! I lost a little $$, then gained a little $$, ate a lot of great food and the rest I am not at liberty to discuss…well, I am…but I won’t.

I did manage to meet up with an old high-school chum and it was just too much fun to hang with him again after all these years. We meet up occasionally in Minneapolis, but never had spent this much time together in 30 years. It was a riot.

With little sleep over three days, the heat and constantly walking the strip, I was wreck by the time I got at the airport for my midnight flight; only to find out I was to be on the flight that left 24 hours earlier. Opps!

Then this flight became delayed by 90 minutes. I could feel myself fading fast as I got to the boarding area. I woke up on the floor, shoes off, cuddling my camera bag like a lover to the sound of “Now Boarding Flight 612 to Minneapolis…”

Vegas, Baaabby!

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