A New Vehicle

Today I signed the papers on the purchase of a 2008 Honda Element. B.F.D. you may think. And to some that is true. Most folks at my vintage have probably had a few cars by now. This is actually the third car that I have owned; the sixth I have have had at my disposal.

I won my first car, a 1979 Dodge Omni, 8 days before my 16th birthday in a raffle at the high school I went to. Growing up in a single parent family with out a car, I was used to not having one. The cost for insurance on a brand new car for a first time driver have been astronomical, so I opted to take a scholarship (cash) that was offered in lieu of the car.

Te second car I owned was a beat up 1976 Chevy Nova that I purchased in 1989 to deliver Dominos Pizzas as a second job. The body was rusted out so badly,in the winter snow would fly into the car when I was in reverse. The engine was great, as was the heater and the stereo.

I have had various vehicles at my disposal with various job I have held over the years, the last one being a 1986 Ford Ranger that I had in 1992.

I have been wanting to purchase a vehicle for awhile now and have liked the Honda Element for gas milage, vehicle versatility and the Honda reputation; but the biggest feature was that the seats fold down into a bed. Allowing for long road trips and travel.

Way this is such a B.F.D for me is that just 10 years ago, I was unemployed and unemployable, physically, spiritually, mental and financially bankrupt. Thousands of dollars in debt to the IRS. A strung out drug addict realizing and admitting after years that the drugs just weren’t working anymore and made a decision to try a new way (not using drugs) to live.

I never know what path my life will take…I try to guide myself along various avenues…paths…but honestly haven’t a clue of a destination. And I am ok with that.

But I can say this..that the possibilities and opportunities that have come to me since I live a life clean and sober just amaze me.

For “normal” people this understanding may be obvious. But for those of us folks who have lived through a life at the depths addiction, to come to a point of a functioning member of society…it is such a incredible experience.

To be where I have been…and to be where I am now…Life is such an amazingly wonderful journey!

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