It’s been awhile..

..since my last post. and alot has happened in the space of a few weeks.

I had my first gig with TownSquare Media, a media company out of St. Cloud, MN that I am currently working with; and that was  Home Opening Day of the MInnesota Twins.  After a series of communications, The Twin hooked me up with Major League Baseball and then was accredited with them and now can shoot n any Major League Ball Park in the country.  WTF??? How did that happen? HAHAHA. Just trips me out as the dots become connected, but I guess that is what happens when things come together.

I shoot over 400 images that day, edited down to 200 that I submitted to the media comapny for review and here are the final 32 they used for their website:

Doing some shooting for my corporate day job, candids of the staff to be used during a slide show at company staff event, I pulled a bone head move and knocked my camera off a desk and it SMACK CRACK onto the floor. Multiple cracks in the housing. It still worked so I could finish the task at hand, but I sent it off to Nikon in CA for repairs. WIth a full schedule of gigs on the horizon, it is best to be without a camera for a while now than have it crap out at a later, more crucial time.

I am up for a gig this coming Friday, so I will have to rent all equipment for that.

I have been a slacker. I have an article written about my last experience with Jake Shimabukuro..but have yet to post.

The above mentioned corporate gig had me arriving at work early in the morning this past week and neglecting my early a.m. gym routine. Feel somewhat out of sorts.

Last night I returned to the rehab facility I went thru 9 years ago for a meeting, spent some time in a small group with the newly recovering…certainly affirms how far I have come since I was the twitchy one just a swirl of emotions….ok so maybe I have just dialed those two traits back. maybe. alittle.




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