The Integratron

Located north of Yucca Valley CA, near the town of Landers CA, off of Reche Road, north on Belfield Blvd is George Van Tassel’s Integratron.

The history and story behind this structure can be found here:

What first drew me to this place, was the story of Giant Rock splitting in February of 2000. From that story I began to research Geo. Van Tassel, Giant Rock and the Integratron. I was especially curious about Van Tassel’s contact with a star being named Solgonda, which created my desire to come and check the place out.

I had never heard of the Integratron when I lived in Palm Springs in the late 1990’s, but would come up to Joshua Tree for what was at that time an unpracticed and inconsistent  form of mediation.

I first came here in 2009, but that first year couldn’t make a connection to get on the property or into the machine.

I had my first sound bath, a public one, with a group of 25 – 30 or so others who arrived here for the same purpose in Nov. 2010

I rented the place solely for the first time in Nov 2011 and am here again 94 days later.

Any time I venture into Southern California now, a stop here is without question.

The drive up from Palm Springs took about 45 minutes and I encountered rain and even snow north of Yucca Valley, which was cool to see snow on the desert floor and plants.

I arrived out side the gate of the Integratron around 3:30 and was greeted by Dray-tron, who I had met when I was here back in November. He suggested I drive my vehicle next to door of the Integratron due to the rain.

I brought my gear in, Dray-tron and I chatted for awhile, he gave me the key to the gate and at the same time, spiritually and cosmically handed over the place to me. He left me alone in the sound chamber so I could fire the place up with my energy before he returned a short time later to give me the sound bath.

A clip of my arrival and my entering the Dome right before my sound bath:

At 4:10 in the clip you can hear somewhat what the sound of standing in the portals is like. At 4:36, I move the camera out away from my body and you can hear the sound shift.

The Sound Bath

There are seven chakras (energy fields) located within the body, from The Crown at the top of the head to The Root or Base, located at the base of the spine. The chakras are related to, align or coordinate with both a color and a sound.

The Quartz Bowls

The sound bath incorporates the striking of a quartz bowl, making it “sing” or vibrate, resonating a tone that nurtures each chakra.

One of the things I was planning on doing here tonight was photography, but the front that moved in bringing rain and snow has changed that. There is no star shine. I guess it will have to wait for another time. This weather will “force” me to spend the duration of my time here inside the Integratron itself. This will give me ample time to experience the full magnitude of the place. Spend time upstairs creating and amplifying energy, and then go downstairs to process what I felt. The upcoming writing will be what is processing after time spent in the sound chamber.

The Yellow Zone

The following are entries made in the yellow zone on the ground floor after spending time upstairs in the sound chamber. The time log is off the computer clock.

5:54 pm

The sound bath is complete. I am renewed. How long did it last, an hour? An hour and a half? I have no idea. Borrowing a line from Led Zeppelin: I was ” a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been.”

I had been feeling crappy, with out appetite for the last five days. And now, just two hours here, and I feel fine and am actually hungry. I have a little food, but it will carry me thru. I am sitting in the yellow zone, downstairs wide awake. It is raining now and the sound of the rain falling on the dome is similar to small waves crashing on the sand, a gentle calming rhythm.

This time the sound bath had 14 bowl, two octaves, per note, per chakra. At times I would be present to laying on the floor and at other times I would feel as if I was floating out….in space, then I would be present to being on the floor and then back out again. The vibration of the larger bowls would take me furthest. The vibration of the some of smaller bowls seemed to circle around my head, bringing a balance of left and right sides.


Just spent an hour sitting lotus, silent for a time, then in chant. Where these sounds come from is unknown to me, but they flow as if I know them well. They have not been rehearsed, yet are practiced.

I am not worried about where or what they are. I trust that they are guided by and coming from Source; that from which all things come from and that all things return, that which is nothing, yet, is everything.

The rain is softer now, and the wind has died down. The outside temp is 34, the inside temp is 52.

As I stare at the lower structure of this building, it is an amazing design, simplistic, yet majestic. The energy that is here, both by the people who have been here, those who are affiliated with it, and those who come here to visit, is just intense.

At one point there were three geomagnetic currents flowing beneath the Dome, now there are 17. They keep on increasing every time they are measured. The place is getting stronger.

As I said in the clip at the beginning of this post, I feel more connected here than I ever have to anything else, be it family, drug, lover, art, music, 12 steps, religion… ANYTHING. I am completely at peace. Have no anxieties, fears or apprehensions and feel as one with all. Truly comfortable in my own skin.

The only thing I notice when I am here that is an oddity: my continuing need to urinate….even thou I am not drinking a lot.

The Upper Portal
The Lower Portal


This time I stood between the portals, stated my intention and then the chanting started. This one seemed to swell more, be more pronounced, but then that is how this works. The energy spikes up from the lower portal, up from the floor; it feels greater standing up above the portal, than sitting on it. I swayed in a circle as I chanted, completing multiple slow rotations facing each direction. The energy changes at each direction, taking on a different dimension with each turn, thus creating, it seems, a pillar of energy, with me being the center. As the chanting grew, filling the room with sound, it kept growing and growing, then I felt it the energy wane, and then dissipate. I sat down over the portal, lotus, silent.

I am feeling awake, refreshed clear-headed and of course have to pee again.

8:42 pm

Just had a series of chants, song like sounds, with a flow…a pattern of sounds, in repetition for a verse, then altering a sound or two by a note. Four chants, each with different sounds and notes.

Then as happened last time when I was here…the “alien sounds” came out. Not chants, not song like sound, not a language, but an alien sound, I really can’t describe…clicks, sounds, noises…something…mechanical (?) It is very fast, drawing my breath and then accelerating faster. It just freaks me out…I tried to pull away from my stance in the portals, but really couldn’t. As with the chants, I always just let the sound flow until I feel nothing left. With this sound, as it began to get faster and become more pronounced, I wanted to pull away but remained, um, transfixed until there is no more sound left. When it ended, it was if I was let go or let down, released, I stumbled to the left of the portals and staggered slightly towards the east wall. An odd feeling came over me, excited yet somewhat nervous, but calm. What the heck are these sounds? And where do they come from? My apprehension subsided and the energy in the room calmed me further with a knowledge that I am safe in this room and everything is from Source to me and it is good.

And now, I am exhausted…. And keep yawning. I’ll pee yet AGAIN and then crawl into my sleeping bag and see if I can rest. I have been here five and a half hours yet it seems like I have been here so, so much longer…and not just here…but somewhere else far off and out at the same time.

5:08 am

Am up again after sleeping for the last eight hours. Occasionally I would wake up to turn or reposition, but then fall right back to sleep. I slept with my head over the lower portal, my feet facing south -southeast

The dreams were fluid throughout the night. Clear, very real…some I were a part of…in, others were just visuals. All seemed to portray the theme of my intention.

There are a few stars out now, and some broken clouds to the north. Dawn has yet to break, the moon hidden by clouds to the west. Winds blow briskly out of the west Temp is 38 degrees.

The abdominal condition producing pain, spasms and a liquid bowel that had me running to a toilet multiple times a day for the last five is gone away. I feel as if I was never sick.

6:25 am

Morning chant ~ The Chamber came alive with what little light came with the dawn. There is snow on the mountains to the west, a grey overcast sky. A brittle desert winter morning, cold, moisture still in the air, but what was once soggy sand and puddles are now dry.

I sat in lotus, then stood in chant over the lower portal. I decided to move the bedroll and the space heater back away from where I stood on the portal. I stepped back into portal and resumed the chant and the power of the sound amplified tremendously.

The sound of “HU” and “RA” seem to be the sounds this morning. Funny, I should have thought to write the sounds last night, but I was in a different zone then.

Here is a clip of a chant sampling. I have my eyes closed when doing this and was unaware of the shifting light in room as I was chanting.

9:09 am – a gap of time as I wandered out side, took some pictures of the desert and then chatted with Drayton as he brought me some tea. The guy is incredible. In touch with so much of a universal vibe. I guess you can’t live on the property and not be in a higher state. If I attain it after just a night…what would I be like if I lived here. And I could.

So the question is: when?

The chants this morning have been based in various themes, chants for people in my life, past and present. Mantras of forgiveness, love, health and well being…all a continuation of my intention while I am here.

There is the over all energy I take away from this place and then there is the energy that is implanted that will surface at a later date.

As I wind down to the 90 minute mark of my time, I am heading back upstairs to chant.

‘hu’ ‘ra’ ‘om’ ‘ma’ are the resonating sounds.

10:05 am ~~~ The addict in me wants to get as much out of here as possible in the last 90 or what is now, 55 minutes, but the nature of my time here is to set an intention, then chant and then allow the machine to vibrate with this energy, then bathe me in it, recharge me every cell with it

Last night this was taking longer periods of time as I focused on aspects of my life that needed the most time….my healing and connection with source.

This morning it is an expression of joy, happiness and love I feel towards others, my friends, co-workers and people I my life.

11:31 am ~~ I have exited the Integratron and now sit out on the patio of the office as the next guests have moved into the Dome. My hosts Joanne and Drayton tell me I bring the cold weather with me from MN (“Everywhere you go, always take the weather. Everywhere you go, you always take the weather with you” ~ N.Finn)

So they have invited me back in the summer to bring alittle cooler weather then.

The weather when I was here last November was colder, but last nights rain and snow made it damper. It is currently 40 degrees winds out of the north north-west

So where am I at? Here is a clip from the last few minutes in the Dome:

But to add on to that. I am so connected to Joanne and Drayton and they too me. Just complete strangers 95 days ago, I feel as if I have known them my whole life. Good friends. The fact that they refer to me as Joey B., but it’s how they say it that is just the trippest. Like the guys in the bike shop in Palm Desert who also called me Joey B. the same way. Maybe it’s from the email address…I dunno, but I love it.

The sense of peace that I feel is overwhelming. It is beyond description.

For every minute I spend in that sound chamber that brings peace and tranquility, feels as if it cancels some the time spent in angst and anxiety I felt during the 30 years of addictive insanity. And my time here brings a stronger base to why I am staying clean and sober in the first place…for a centered, clear peace of mind.

Here is the link to images captured at the time this post was drafted:

Here is a link to images of my stay here in Nov. 2011:


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