Proposals, Negotiations and Deals

Five days ago, I discovered that a country radio station was using one of my images of a Minneapolis event, with accreditation, on it’s website.

On a total whim, I sent an email to the General Manager with a link a to my Flickr images of musicians and the proposal of us forming a partnership, his radio station and my Live Performance Photography. Unclear with the exact nature of my proposal, he responded back to me, that he forwarded my original email to his Digital Media Manager; who then in turn, contacted me expressing a keen interest in my work and a request to contact him.

This morning before I left Minneapolis I made the call. During the conversation I discussed my history, he kept going back to the caliber of my work and then we discussed what each of our needs are and how we can help one another to meet these goals.

I now represent a media company that owns 6 radio stations as a photographer and will be photographing concerts for their websites.

You may have heard the expression: “ The boy has a face for radio”

Well, I guess, now I can say my photography has a place on radio.

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